New Sim Box. Available configurations: 60 sims and 120 sims

SIM box (also called SIM bank) – is one of hardware for GSM termination business.

SIM box (simbox) device holds a bundle of SIM cards separately from VoIP/GSM gateway in order to minimize the maintenance expenses and reducing the SIM blocking issue.

Module-based structure of the product hardware opens up a wide range of possibilities to its users, such as:

  • SIM cards could be placed separately from GSM modules (this option will require high-quality Internet connection between GSM-gateway and SIM box);
  • SIM cards which take part in termination of voice traffic and sms termination to different destinations/countries could be placed in the same spot, making it easy to control their activity. It is important to have several GSM gateways located in different countries or in different regions of the same country. All sim cards which are involved in termination may be located in one or more SIM boxes placed in the same spot

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